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We manufacture molds for all brands of PET blow-molding machines.

Parts customization | Moldintec

Pet blow molding

Hybrid Concept Design

Our Hybrid Concept Design (HCD) tooling solutions add value to our clients by providing molds with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of blow-molding machines from different manufacturers.

Each of our developments is focused on reaching the rated speeds of the blowing equipment—even of the fastest in-line blowing machines, such as high-capacity blowing-filling blocks. HCD molds are conceived by combining physical-mechanical and operating conditions of more than one blow-molding machine, enabling our molds to adapt better in multi-platform blow-molding operations.

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Parts customization | Moldintec

Parts customization

We apply design customization for both our molds and those from other manufacturers.

We offer a comprehensive blow-molding machine tooling equipment solution (customization of furnaces, molds, stretching rods, stretching stoppers, guides and discharge starwheels).

We use the same quick change anchoring parameters as the OEM parts, keeping the same setup times.

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Spare Parts | Moldintec

Spare Parts

We keep a complete stock of spare parts

For our molds, even for those from previous generations which have been in production for many years. We also manufacture spare parts on-demand for third-party molds.

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Conversions and retrofits for switching between blow-molding machines | Moldintec

Conversions and retrofits for switching between blow-molding machines

We implement IMPROVEMENTS and retrofits in our own molds

We also do it in molds from other manufacturers, so as to upgrade them to meet new process and technology standards. We are experts in mold conversions between blow-molding machines of the same brand but different generations, or between equipment of different brands, keeping each manufacturer’s specification dimensions intact.

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