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We add value with design.

Container design | Moldintec

Container design

We add value with design.

Not only do we conceive efficient and flexible tools, but also design containers that captivate and communicate the spirit of the brand through industrial design. We take care of every stage of design from the process engineering perspective in order to obtain light (preform matching), mechanically robust, and energy-efficient (ultra low pressure blow molding) containers.

Design and process engineering in a single supplier.

3D Printing | Moldintec

3D Printing - C2B Concept to Bottle

We offer TURN KEY solutions

from the industrial design of the container through the creation of 3D printed or acrylic machined mockups and the production of prototype molds in our own blow molding machine. You just have to order the molds for industrial use and receive them in a few weeks.

Concept to Bottle | Moldintec

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