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Energy use optimization.

Ulpb: ultra-low pressure blowing
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Ulpb: ultra-low pressure blowing

The new bases with SUBP technology

Enable efficient blow molding at a pressure lower than 16 bar (depending on the conditions of the equipment, the preform, and the product). The patented technologies for blowing pressure reduction open up new horizons for PET container processing. The ULPB (Ultra-Low Pressure Blowing) generation introduces the new family of “NEO BASE” bases with an advanced geometry.

NEO Base CSD. For carbonated beverages from 200 ml to 3,500 ml.
Neo Base X4. Specially developed for applications in carbonated water at high CO2 volumes.
Neo Base NANO. A unique base for non-carbonated water and nitrogen application. Its exclusive 9-feet design lends a high stability index to the container in high-speed bottling lines, better stability of the stowed pallet and low PET consumption. Its high physical resistance enables it to withstand working pressures of 15 psi, preserving the form even at extreme pressures of 25 psi (limit pressure outside the guaranteed operating range).
Neo Base Nitrostar. Programmed shape distortion to increase the support surface in containers with a very low weight and pressurized with nitrogen.

Each design of the NEO Base family has been studied using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) during engineering iterations, and then factually tested in high-speed blow molding equipment. All Moldintec bases surpass the physical test standards of the main franchises.

Waste Reduction Program

WRP is a MOLDINTEC initiative

To suggest innovative solutions to our clients, with a focus on the current inefficient use of resources. WRP analyzes the mold, its link to the blow molding machine, and the process introspectively.

Each material, screw, or thermal/surface treatment is examined in order to determine its conceptual need, so as to move forward with a new enhanced materialization. The WRP program has resulted in the 2015 new generation of lubrication-free molds with a reduction of more than 10 components and in the Second Life Program of extended life for out-of-service or idle molds.

Programa Second Life | 2L

Give your assets a second life.

Moldintec has designed an assets reuse program. Molds that have become obsolete as a result of package design changes can now have a second life. Taking the existing cavity as a starting point, our industrial design team proposes a new morphology and aesthetics. The basic concept is subtractive technology. The engineering team then transforms an unused asset into a new product with a fully renewed design, machining the cavity to like-new condition. Combined with the In-House service, molds can receive an additional maintenance and upgrading service. Having a new product in the market in only one week is now possible, and at a low cost, through assets recovery.

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